Wee Doggie is Grandma’ s Genes ever busy this weekend!

Grandma’s Genes is ALL over the place this weekend – literally!

Friday at Grandma’s Genes

We are kicking off our first ever Friday at Grandma’s Genes. Come as you are and stop by for a glass of wine, a beer and light snacks while we shake off the dust from the work week. It’s an open invitation to chew the fat at our offices here in Ottawa. No one is expected and everyone is welcome.

Genetic Genealogy Tools, GEDmatch and Genomate Pro

Marc is working his magic on Saturday morning in his presentation, Genetic Genealogy Tools, GEDmatch and Geneomate Pro. If you want to take your DNA results into analysis heaven, come to the BIFHSGO DNA Special Interest Groups’ Saturday morning  meeting at 9:30am. Marcs overview of these tools may get you further along in your research. Marc will be around to answer questions and give advice.

City of Ottawa Archives – 100 Tallwood Dr, Nepean, ON K2G 4R7

WikiTree’s Source-A-Thon

Marc and Mags are participating in, collaborating with other WikiTreer’s, to widdle down WikiTree’s unsourced profiles during WikiTree’s Source-A-Thon. Mags will also be hosting many of the Live Hangouts on Air, along with WikiTree’s Forest Elf, Eowyn  and Greeter Chief, Julie.

“It’s the world’s first Source-a-Thon, a 72-hour sourcing marathon.

Our goal is to clear out the Unsourced Profiles category on WikiTree. Including sources is in our community’s Honor Code but inexperienced genealogists don’t always record them. Sometimes the source is ‘Aunt Mabel,’ as Mags put it. This doesn’t mean the information isn’t worth preserving or sharing. It’s a starting point — information waiting to be confirmed.”

Hangouts will be hosted every two hours all weekend long. Check into WikiTree’s G2G (Genealogist to Genealogist) Forum for a link to the Hangouts.

Wee Doggie are we ever busy!