Lydia Gaulden Shout Out – Come on Social Media, Connect Me!


This is a Lydia Gaulden Shout out. When I discovered Raven Symoné’s mothers surname is Gaulden my curiosity was piqued.

Who is Raven Symoné?

The adorable kid on Cosby, “American actress, singer, songwriter, television personality, and producer”, WikiPedia the former outspoken co-host of the View.

My interest is not so much in Raven, it’s her Gaulden’s I want to know about!

Could we have a Gaulden Cannection?

A part of my Sumter, South Carolina Gaulden Family headed west. Martha Gaulden married Francis Richardson and migrated to Mississippi . They lived in Woodville, MS which is close enough to New Orleans that my ggg Dempsey Gaulden spent time there.

“Dempsey Gaulden was born in Sumter County, South Carolina in about 1767. He may have migrated with his brother William or sister Martha (Patsy) to Mississippi about five years after the revolutionary war.[1]As a young man Dempsey raced horses in New Orleans.

According to Laura Gaulden Bailey he married ‘(wife’s name unknown) and left at least two sons: John Sidney and _________, father of Sam Gaulden of Windsor County, Mississppi. This information is furnished by John Sidney Gaulden.’ If she got this information first hand from John Sidney Gaulden and he was indeed a son of Dempsey this adds two new , and older sons, for Dempsey than I have in any information about him.” WikiTree

Dempsey sows his wild oats and is back in SC in 1830 working on my part of his family with no sign of Sidney, etc.

Raven Symoné has origins in the south, possibly Louisiana, so I hear. Though it doesn’t matter where, since she is a Gaulden, I want to know how, and who and where in the gene pool we connect. I would like to learn about her family lines and hopefully find some common genetic cousins to connect the story.

I am looking for someone, somewhere, somehow to put me in contact with Raven’s momma Lydia Gaulden Pearman, so I can cure my curiosity.

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7 thoughts on “Lydia Gaulden Shout Out – Come on Social Media, Connect Me!”

  1. Her mother Lydia parents are Mrs. Louise Moss and the
    late Mr. Julius Gaulden (born in Louisiana-race W)

    1. Hello Letty!

      Thank you very much for the response. I am very interested in contacting her but I don’t want to try and contact her without some kind of proper introduction. Do you know her or anyone who does who could connect us? Thanks! Mags

  2. Louise Moss parents were Frank Moss (born Louisiana-mullatto ) and Lorenza (?) Moss (Louisiana- Black)

  3. Have you tried ? That’s the website I use to get more info . It’s free just have to sign up

  4. Julius Gaulden his mom was Johonnie Simpkins. Her parents were Oscar Simpkins (1870-Louisiana-mulatto race) and Venise Baldwin. Oscar Simpkins father was Oliver simpkins of Alabama 1821 -mulatto race.

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