Just Start

Oh to Start. Well that is what it all comes down to right? Nothing gets done unless you just start. Marc and I are doing just that.

We have known each other for a couple of years. He and I live in the same neighborhood. His sister is in my life “circle’s”. You know, those people you probably interact with at least weekly, but they aren’t really a “friend”. A neighbor who shares a fence, the fella at the butcher shop you end up having long discussions with occasionally while shopping, the manager at your favorite store who patiently listened to a special request, made it happen and you always go out of your way to say hello.

So one afternoon when our paths crossed, Marc says to me, I hear you are into “Genealogy”. Oh, the conversation that followed. So now we…

…Just Start.

4 thoughts on “Just Start”

      1. Everything I read here sounds really promising. I have worked with Mags on WikiTree for at least a couple of years and I respect her enormously. Like most amateur genealogists I have several “brick walls” though I have the feeling that if I found the answers to one or two the remainder would fall in place.

        It appears that Grandma’s Gene’s is/are willing to work with the receivers of this email:

        Genealogy – 3 hrs Min/10 hrs Max
        Genealogy Plus – 20 hrs

        But I don’t recall any discussion of fees. Knowing that even Grandma can’t afford to work for free, I would very much appreciate some information about your current fee structure.

        1. Hey Judy,

          Thank you so much for the good words! I enjoy being a WikiTreer alongside you.

          As to our fee structure, we have one fee that is static – a $150.00 retainer which is included in the first 10 hour block of research. Each block of research is billed by a fee which is determined by the type of research required. This amount is negotiated at the time a request is made.

          Have a wall you would like us to try and smash for you (you are such a good Genealogist that I don’t know about you needing help)? Press the Find My Roots button on the home page of the Website.


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