Down The Rabbit Hole Again

I just had a great chuckle. I downloaded the Ontario Genealogical Society 2016 Conference App. from Google Play. Listed underneath the application, as the top download also downloaded by others who downloaded the OGS Conference 2016 App? Addiction Biology.

Oh I have seen all the comics about how we Genealogists/Family Historians are up to all hours hunched over our computer keyboards, how we are neglectful of our significant others, how our homes fall down around us from that same neglect…it goes on and on. We do have a singular passion. We are almost driven to find the answers to all our Family mysteries. But is it really an addiction?

If so, I have turned my addiction into a business. Is that ok? Can I blame the extra hours I am doing Genealogy on my business now? “I can’t come to bed right now…I know I haven’t been to bed in three nights…but I am WORKING!” If so? Oh, how clever of me to hide my addiction behind the guise of work!


This from typing “addiction definition” into a Google Search.

Enslavement? Really?

I don’t think I am enslaved to my family history….I am quite devoted to it for sure. Do I depend on it? Well, it does “pay the bills”. Is it a habit? Well, not as good a habit as I would like – there are so many Rubbermaid containers full of things yet to digitize in my basement and if I could get into a good habit of working on them, then they would be done…I could place the Rubbermaid Containers in the bedroom so I had to climb over them to get up every day. Oh, oh, that sounds a bit obsessive doesn’t it? I am sure “obsessive” is in the definition of addiction somewhere.

When I go deep into something for hours or even days, I call it “going down the Rabbit hole.” Like what I did just now, stopping everything I am doing to write a blog about Genealogy and addiction. Down the rabbit hole again.

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