The Genealogical Nightmare

This morning, after the dog got me up at 6:30 to go for his business, I crawled back into my bed hoping for another hour and a half of sleep. Which the universe gave to me grudgingly and with a kick in the bum for not just staying up to be the early worm…

On Facebook I am a part of a group for my natives (as in I was born and spent most of my childhood there) of my home city of Greenville, South Carolina. Over the past few days there has been discussions about Chick Springs, an old resort area with great historical significance to the area. But, if you ask many about the old spring house most will tell you they know nothing about it.

Greenville, nestled in the Piedmont and Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was a destination for coastal dwellers early on because it provided a cooler, less malaria prone area than the coast. Many Charlstonians had summer houses in Greenville so inevitable someone built a beautiful resort in the area…

I had this much of my post saved as a draft until our Web Designer, Wonderwoman  – really – loaded the draft as a new post – oh, the Geneabloggers nightmare! Now, since it’s up, I will finish it.

So the chatter in the Facebook Group caused this dream.

I am working on (I assume considering my last career with the SCDOT) on a road construction project which will run right through the middle of the old resort property. A woman comes up to me and asks, “Where is the burial area? the cemetery, where is it?” I answer that I don’t know. That further I don’t know anything about any burials on the property.

I spread the blueprints across the hood on my car and begin scouring the plans looking for the burials. I didn’t remember seeing any during my review of the project notes.

The Woman continues to ask about the burials, the plans are still being looked over and before I can do anything the bull dozers begin their work.

So Lets review the hits here.

Genealogical Nightmare – check!
Geneabloggers Nightmare – check!
SCDOT Engineer Nightmare – check!

Sleep well my friends.