Grandma’s Genes DNA Services

What DNA Testing can do for you?

Finding someone who matches your DNA who knows ”their” genealogy could tell you about ”your” genealogy. The closer the relationship between you and your DNA match the closer you are to knowing your family connection. It’s a little more involved, but that is the basic premise.

DNA is measured generally in a genealogical time frame – Generations or by the mutations that happen over time.

DNA Boutique version – 3 hrs

dnaWant to jump into the DNA Gene Pool? Don’t know what test to take? Don’t know who to test? Have you tested and need help understanding your DNA test results? Grandma’s Genes Genealogical Investigators can help you with all you need to know to be able to take the right test. Already have your results? If you have already received your results and are trying to understand their significance we can help!  Your results are unique to you and give you a perspective into your ethnic makeup, family relations, and genetic health.  With our DNA service you will receive a personalized DNA report and a consultation to explain the results.

DNA Plus – 10/20 Hours

Do you have your DNA results but are looking to learn more about your ancestry or how to find a long lost ancestor?  We can help you find your living DNA matches, provide detailed ethnic origin reports, and identify other living cousins whose tests results could tell you more about your own ancestry.