Genealogy/Roots Tourism

Map of High Falls Park Location

Visit your Grandma’s! Well you could visit us, we’d love it, but you are probably more interested in visiting your real grandma.

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With our Genealogy/Roots Tourism Services, we’ll get you to your grandma’s and start you two on your day or week of exploring historical locations associated with your roots, your history.

Plan a trip – 10 hrs
Plan a vacation – 20 hrs

Ideas for a Roots Trip or a Genealogy Vacation

  • Visit the State/Provencal Archives
  • Visit a Cemetery
  • Visit your Country’s Capital City
  • Visit the National Archives
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Visit Properties your Ancestors owned or lived on.
  • Visit Places where your ancestors worked
  • Historic Drives
         – Route 66
         – The Oregon Trail
         – A Pioneers Path
  • Visit places where historical events took place
         – Battlegrounds
         – Disaster sites
         – Family related event sites
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
    O'Doherty Home in Pollans
    O’Doherty Home In Pollans, Ireland, early 1900’s

    Wherever your history happened we will take you there with a well researched, fun and tasty, yes tasty, trip. We will even help you find great restaurants and places to stay while you are on your Roots adventure.