Grandma’s Genes Adoptee/Forensic Genealogy Services

Forensic Genealogy Adoption – 20 hrs

Adoption Searches are fraught with high emotions which require great sensitivity. We are well equipped to handle the emotional aspect of helping in these situations. We can guide and encourage you on how to handle your information, whether or not to put it into a public Family Tree site or share it elsewhere. The pros and cons of using Social Media to further your search.

We utilize conventional Genealogy as well as Genetic Genealogy (your DNA results) to help track your birth family. We are keen and stubborn researchers with a good knowledge of how to use Genealogical tools in identifying common threads among adoptees.

What DNA Testing can do for you, the adoptee/birth relative?

Finding someone who matches your DNA who knows ”their” genealogy could tell you about ”your” genealogy. The closer the relationship between you and your DNA match the closer you are to knowing your family connection. It’s a little more involved, but that is the basic premise.

ReportBuild your own ‘likely’ trees as much as you can working with genetic matches until you can identify some common genetic ancestors

DNA is measured generally in a genealogical time frame – Generations or by the mutations that happen over time.

Will make contact for a searcher and/or act as an objective third party to review files or to mediate adoptive meetings.

We will not Research for minor children (under the age of 18) without parental or guardian consent.

Forensic Genealogy – 10/20 hrs

Most mysteries a forensic genealogist faces are not simple. Also sometimes called an “heir search” Forensic Genealogy requires the use of more than one set of tools at once.  DNA, geography, history, and database mining are some of the tools used.  Forensic Genealogy is used to locate next of kin in unclaimed persons cases, in insurance, trust, probate and other cases.  We can perform an independent third-party analysis for legal issues.