Grandma’s Genes Genealogy Services

Watch your family history come to life as Grandma’s Genes, Genealogical Investigators, solve family mysteries, break down brick walls, and find adoptive relatives. Grandma’s Genes Genealogical Services offer something for everyone. Discover where you came from and the stories that make you who you are.

You enjoy the journey—we’ll do the work for you.


Genealogy – 3 hrs Min/10 hrs Max
Genealogy Plus – 20 hrs

Grandma’s Genes DNA Services

DNA – 3 hrs
DNA Plus – 10/20 Hours

Grandma’s Genes Adoptee /Forensic Genealogy Services

Forensic Genealogy Adoption – 20 hrs
Forensic Genealogy – 10/20 hrs

Genealogical/Roots Tourism

Plan a trip – 10 hrs
Plan a vacation – 20 hrs

Digitization- 10 hrs

Everyone uses these little fella's in their presentations, so theses are Grandma's Minions.
Everyone uses these little fella’s in their presentations, so these are Grandma’s Minions.