I used to spend a lot of time hiking and backpacking in the North Carolina mountains. I had a little green hiking book which gave trail descriptions by the tenth of the mile and generalized histories of areas one might pass through. On one of my overnight backpacking trips, I found myself reading the hiking book. To my surprise, I found a section of the book devoted to my great, great, great, great, great grandfather, John Dillard of Rabun County Georgia. At a different time, I happened to mention to a friend, who does excursions and instructor courses with Outward Bound in North Carolina, that I was a descendant of a John Dillard. That friend told me how cool it was to be a descendant of a man who is mentioned during Outward Bound course work. I don’t think John Dillard was mentioned in either place because of his revolutionary war record, or because he was a participant in the founding of Buncombe County, NC, I think he was mentioned because he was a man who loved the “backwoods”.

A collection of Dillard genealogical research papers, essays and other miscellaneous materials which may be relevant to those interested in Dillard Genealogy.


Another Myth: John Dillards Service Record with Pickens, John M. Dillard

John Dillard, Backwoods Man, John Dillard

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