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Now get your grandma some blueberry pie!

bberrypie• Grandma’s Genes offers genealogy services to clients that help families find their roots. We use traditional and genetic tools to help you find answers to your family history questions.

• We also offer collaborative free information via our social media feeds and this website with helpful hints and “how-to’s” for the hobbyist and professional alike. Whether you have a connection to a historic figure, a simple farmer or identify with Indigenous peoples, we can help sort through the traditional tales, family lore and hearsay to find the true story. 

Grandma’s Genes CBC Interview

Why DNA?

Oh, there are so many reasons why DNA.

DNA is the thread that makes up the fabric of who we are. It is also the tint in our Iris, the gray (what, you aren’t grey yet?) of our hair, the knock of our knees, the recipe of our self. It is also the road map of our ancestry. Read More…

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